Overview: Some users have reported issues with the DiviGrid plugin, particularly with the Visual Builder not loading after installation. This problem often arises due to specific server PHP configuration settings.

Steps to Resolve:

Identify the Issue: If the DiviGrid plugin installation results in the Visual Builder not loading, it could be due to your server's PHP settings.

Update PHP Settings: Ensure the following PHP settings are configured correctly:

memory_limit: 512M

max_execution_time: 300


To update these settings, you may need to access your server's PHP configuration file (php.ini) or contact your hosting provider for assistance.

Further Investigation:

    • If updating the PHP settings does not resolve the issue, further investigation is required.
    • Obtain temporary login details for the affected site to allow for a detailed examination.

Creating a Temporary Login:

  • Use the Temporary Login Without Password plugin to create a temporary login without sharing your password.
  • Follow these steps:
    1. Install the Temporary Login Without Password plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.
    2. Create a temporary login and provide the generated link to the support team.