DiviGrid in the WooCommerce platform

Sorry to say that No, for now, you cannot use ContentGrid and ListGrid on the WooCommerce platform. In our upcoming version, we will add the product grid module in the Divigrid Plugin. But now you can link up the single post/project/product or any custom post page using dynamic links. Details are given below.

DivGrid module buttons and badges have dynamic module URL links. Thanks for the Dynamic feature of Divi builder. Things you need to do…

1. Goto button/badge module URL from link options


2. Click Dynamic module Icon


3. Select your product link from the dynamic link options


4. Select your specific post from your product list which you want to display in a single post.

Here is the selected post link


5. Display the product in the single page



We want to tell you very seriously that our modules cannot be used in the WooCommerce platform for now. You can use the link option to display only your products on a single product page.


Thank you.

DiviGrid Team